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May 24, 2017 – The level in most of Québec’s lakes and rivers has been going down. Floodwaters are receding and one by one, streets that were flooded are now opening. But while it may look like everything is slowly getting back to normal, hundreds of homes are still flooded and many people are still evacuated. Those who can go home are returning to houses that are filthy and damaged by floodwater, and recovery will take weeks, or even months. The government has programs and services for flood victims. To find the necessary information, go to the section titled “Floods 2017”. Note that the information has been divided into specific sections for individuals and businesses​. Be sure to apply for the programs and services available to you. They are there to help you get things back to normal. If you are in the process of cleaning up and making repairs, please follow the applicable safety instructions. And if you find that you need psychosocial support, do not hesitate to call Info-Social 811.​



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