After a disaster

Seek information

Following a disaster, be informed about:

  • Government financial assistance programs
  • The steps to be taken once you return to your home following an evacuation
  • The assistance services available

Information on these topics is generally available from your municipality. It is sometimes given trough information sessions, local information centers or specific telephone services.

Ask for psychological help

Pay attention to stress reactions after a sinister as anxiety, apathy, insomnia, tendency to isolation, aggressiveness, increased use of alcohol, drugs or medication, worsening of existing health problems, for example. These reactions can arise quickly or a few weeks to a few months after the event.

Appropriate psychological guidance can help you overcome difficulties and cope with the responsibilities stemming from the situation:

Be attentive to those with special needs; do not downplay their requests or concerns.

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Return to your home

You may return to your home after officials have authorized you to do so.

Request financial assistance

If your property has been damaged, find out if you are eligible for Financial Assistance to Citizens as Disaster Victims administered by the ministère de la Sécurité publique.

Protect yourself from abusive practices

Be wary of salespersons and entrepreneurs who might take advantage of an emergency to increase their prices. You must promptly contact the Office de la protection du consommateur or your municipality to denounce such practices.

If you must have work done in the wake of a disaster, first discuss the matter with your insurer to agree on the amounts granted. Once you are fully informed, avoid signing any agreement while in an emotional state.

If you are unable to pay suppliers’ or creditors’ invoices because of the situation, contact the customer service offices of your suppliers or your financial institution in order to make arrangements.

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