During a disaster

After individual Quebecers, the municipality is the first to intervene in the event of a disaster. If the municipality’s resources are inadequate, the regional civil protection organization is asked to intervene. The Organisation de la sécurité civile du Québec intervenes in the event of a province-wide disaster.

Government civil protection employees are assigned missions to preserve public health and safety, protect public property and maintain the key functions of society. These missions include communication to the public, which enables informed individuals to make the right decisions.

Service centre for disaster victims

In the event that the authorities order an evacuation, the municipality could offers essential services such as:

  • Temporary accommodation
  • The distribution of used clothing or, in some instances, financial assistance to purchase clothing
  • Food service offered by local agencies
  • Specialized services devoted to health, psychosocial support, personal care, activities, day care and pet-sitting, mail-forwarding and information on the government programs available

Registration in the event of evacuation

People who evacuated their homes must register on the list of evacuees. This is an important step for the authorities as it ensures complete evacuation of the disaster area.

No matter whether you are given shelter in an accommodation centre or by a family member or friend, registration allows to:

  • Reunite families
  • Give all relevant information to evacuees
  • Help rehouse evacuees
  • Inform family members and friends where an evacuee has obtained shelter
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