When to Evacuate Your Home?

Evacuate your home if you feel that your safety is at risk or if the authorities require you to do so.

In certain cases, authorities can ask you to remain in your home and shelte​r in place. Follow that instruction.

How to Evacuate Your Home?

Items to Bring Along When Evacuating your Home

  • your emergency kit;
  • medication and prescriptions for each family member;
  • everything needed for the well-being of young children (diapers, baby bottles, toys, etc.);
  • supplies required for your pet (food, leash, etc.);
  • clothes, cosmetics and toilet articles for each family member;
  • identity documents for everyone in the household (health insurance card, driver’s licence, etc.).

Instructions and Recommandations to Follow

  • Leave home with your emergency kit and lightweight luggages.
  • Lock the doors of your home.
  • Leave a note in your mailbox to indicate the time of your departure and your destination. If you do not have a mailbox, inform your municipality of where you will be staying.
  • If possible, shut off the natural gas. Contact your distributor to discuss about it. In the event of an emergency, the fire department can also shut off the gas.
  • Offer your assistance to family members, neighbours or colleagues with special needs.

Measures to Take if you Must Evacuate Your Home Urgently in the Presence of an Immediate Threat

  • Stay calm! Gather the occupants and exit one by one through a safe exit unobstructed.
  • Do not waste time to retrieve belongings or valuables.
  • Close doors behind you.
  • Check that no one is missing and head to a safe shelter or to the rallying point in your emergency plan​.
  • Tell the emergency services that you are safe.

Services Offered to People Affected by a Disaster

Support services will be made available to people who have to evacuate their home. Check with your municipality to find out temporary accommodation.

Keep your family members informed about your situation, preferably by text message, email or social media so as to not overload the phone lines.

Although evacuating your home is a difficult decision to make, it will protect you from underestimated hazards and allow you to receive assistance and support services that would otherwise be unavailable.

How to Evacuate a Public Place?

Follow the authorities' instructions to ensure that the evacuation is carried out in a safe, orderly manner. They will indicate where you should go, where to assemble and what to take.

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