Return to your home

If the return has been authorized and your safety is not in jeopardy, you may return home. Consult the After a disaster section to learn the instructions and recommendations to follow so that you can safely get back to normal.

Follow the instructions when returning to your home

Return to your home during the day, when it is easier to see problems and hazards. If your home has been damaged, take photos of or film the damage. Notify your insurer, to have the damage recorded. Call the financial institution that granted you a mortgage loan, to declare the damage. Keep the receipts of all your cleaning-related expenses.

If extensive work must be carried out before you can return home, secure the premises to keep away looters and curious bystanders:

  • Barricade the windows.
  • Lock the doors.
  • Cover damaged areas.

For evaluation, cleaning or disinfection services, or repair work following a disaster, choose recognized specialized firms.

To replace cards, permits, licences or certificates issued by government departments and bodies, you may:

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