Before a disaster

Obtain and share information

Contact the municipal authorities to find out about the specific risks that may arise in your business’s immediate environment. With the municipal authorities’ assistance, develop preventive measures adapted to your needs and make them known to your personnel.

Inform the municipal authorities about your business’s activities and the products or processes it uses that may present risks. Always comply with the regulations in force.

Run drills with your personnel, the municipality and the surrounding population in order to test the warning mechanisms and disaster management.

Develop an emergency measures plan

Create your emergency measures plan:

  • Designate an emergency measures coordinator, as well as a substitute.
  • Identify potential internal or external risks faced by your business, based on the information you sent to your municipality.
  • Establish the steps to be taken for each type of emergency.
  • Assign responsibilities in the event of an emergency.
  • Establish evacuation procedures.

Keep this information up to date and make it known to your personnel regularly.

Develop a business continuity plan

Create a business continuity plan listing the essential activities and the resources allocated to them, as well as the ways to ensure their continuation in the event of a disaster. The ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation has prepared a Business Co​ntinuity Planning Guide (PDF 1,47 MB; in French only) to assist you in preparing the plan. If needed, you can contact an advisor from the Ministère in your area or call 1 866 463-6642.

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