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A pandemic is a worldwide epidemic caused by an infectious disease which spreads very easily from one person to the other. It results in health complications for a significant number of people. This disease meets little resistance in the human population, since people have little or no immunity against it.

A pandemic always affects public health, work organization and the organization of everyday life.

Follow prevention tips

In the event of a pandemic, follow the advice of public health authorities, and the instructions issued in your work environment.

  • Take advantage of the vaccine as soon as it is offered, in order to protect yourself and those close to you, and not contribute to the spread of the disease among the general population.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or rub them with an alcohol-based antiseptic gel, foam or liquid. Keep such products out of the reach of children. Also frequently clean your living environment with soap and water or household detergents.
  • Cough and sneeze without contaminating your environment and avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth, which are the gateways of virus in the body.
  • Avoid contact with sick people and their personal items. If you have to take care of a sick person, protect yourself from the secretions, and do not drink water or eat food that had been in contact with this person.
  • Avoid contact with animals that appear sick, and avoid handling animals that are found dead.

The public health authorities may clarify or supplement these measures, depending on the characteristics of the disease involved in the pandemic.

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During a pandemic take precautions

Assemble essential items in a household first aid kit and stock up on basic necessities.

Explain to your children what is happening and how to apply the protection rules.

Agree with your family or natural caregivers how to assist you should the need arise. Offer assistance to those in your family circle who might need it, such as the elderly, isolated individuals, and so on.

Obtain information from reliable sources and follow the instructions issued by public health authorities.

If you get sick

Pay attention to the symptoms of the disease described by the authorized medical sources in the media. In some instances, the symptoms are different in children, adults and seniors.

If symptoms develop, follow the instructions of the medical authorities. Stay at home if you are sick and keep sick children at home, to avoid spreading the disease.

If your condition worsens or you are among those at risk for complications (identified by the public health authorities), call Info-Santé at 811, consult a health professional or go to the emergency department.

If specialized medical clinics to treat the sick are opened by the health authorities, go there to receive appropriate care.

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