Numerous landslides occur each year in Québec. A landslide is a downward movement of soil, which may be slow or sudden, occur naturally or be caused by man. It generally carries a small soil mass with it and occurs more frequently with clay soil.

Follow prevention tips

Contact your municipality to find out about the local geology and the history of landslides in your area. Consult maps that indicate hazard-prone areas.

Avoid doing work on your lot that could increase soil instability, for example:

  • Digging a hole on a slope
  • Building at the top or the base of a slope
  • Draining a pool by emptying the water on a steep slope

Report any abnormalities to the municipal authorities:

  • Cracks on your lot
  • Bulge or depression on a slope
  • Rockslide
  • Unusual seepage of water

Take action in the event of a landslide​

To prevent hazards and injury in the event of a landslide:

If you are indoors:

Take refuge in the part of the building opposite the landslide and take shelter under a solid piece of furniture. Hold firmly onto an object that is solidly anchored until all movement has stopped.

If you are outdoors:

Quickly move away from the probable path of the landslide. Stay far away from river banks, trees, electrical wires and utility poles.

Do not approach the landslide area, as it often remains unstable.

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Evacuate your home

If the authorities require it or you believe your safety is in jeopardy, evacuate your home. Inform your family or the municipality of the place where you plan to stay temporarily.

Return to your home

If the authorities allow it and your safety is not jeopardized, return to your home, preferably during the day, when problems and hazards are easier to see. When you arrive, take pictures to document the damage to your home.

Know what to do after a disaster

Consult the After a disaster section to learn instructions and recommendations for getting back to normal in a safe manner.

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